Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Z was created in the summer of 2012 with the idea of creating a Wikipedia-like website on Zimbabwean legends, the figures in our country that stood out over the decades. With this website, we are resurrecting the legends and their work they did for Zimbabwe, making a path for the aspiring youth to follow. As much as we will go into detail about these greats that blossomed in and out of our country, we’ll talk about the great wonders of the world in our land also, the national parks, and all other tourism sights.

We have a lot of Zimbabweans migrating and their kids grow up with very little knowledge of the people that made our nation shine on the world stage. We figured they needed one place where they can learn about our people, our heroes, our culture, and the whole country in one. In order to give a full understanding of the people and the country, this site will have pictures and videos; they say pictures speak a thousand words right? How many words does a video speak? Yeah, you get the point.

We do a lot of research on everyone that we write about, from books to websites. Below the article or the profile, you will find the source where the information was retrieved. The author of the article will also use their own knowledge of the people they are writing about. Readers can comment under each article, feel free to talk about missing information; we can use that to improve the article.

If you wish to write an article on someone you know more about or anything that you think will be relevant here, you can submit an article in our suggestion box and your name will be credited on the article. If you’re looking for a long time role as a journalist for us, you can contact us through the suggestion box and we can discuss further after we get your contact information.

We discuss all the great work by our politicians, but by no means do we promote a political party.

This is a site for every Zimbabwean who wants to reach to their roots, or those who don’t want to lose their roots. Here we will proudly represent our heroes and our nation.

Created by K.M., May 2012.