Thursday, June 8, 2023

GRINGO is a treasure to many families and a key to memory lane

About The Show - Comedy / Drama Main Character Lazarus Boora Created By Enock Chilhombori Active 1976 - Present Cast Lazarus Boora - Gringo Collen Dube - John Banda Memory Makuri - Medhumbe Enock Chilhombori - Toby Waters Blessing Chimhowa - Mboudziyadhura William Matenga - Gweshegweshe ZBC Late...

Enock Chihombori

Profile Name Enock Chihombori Born 5 June, 1971 Lusaka, Zambia Moved to Zimbabwe 1981 Career Actor / Screenwriter Created & Wrote Gringo; Chipo Changu; Cobra; The Woodcutter Facts Won NAM awards for Gringo, Cobra, The Woodcutter Started Writing Gringo only as newspaper cartoon series   Enock Chihombori is...


Peter Ndlovu

suspension bridge

Birchenough Bridge

Bhundu Boys

John Nkomo

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