Thursday, January 20, 2022

GRINGO is a treasure to many families and a key to memory lane

About The Show - Comedy / Drama Main Character Lazarus Boora Created By Enock Chilhombori Active 1976 - Present Cast Lazarus Boora - Gringo Collen Dube - John Banda Memory Makuri - Medhumbe Enock Chilhombori - Toby Waters Blessing Chimhowa - Mboudziyadhura William Matenga - Gweshegweshe ZBC Late...

Enock Chihombori

Profile Name Enock Chihombori Born 5 June, 1971 Lusaka, Zambia Moved to Zimbabwe 1981 Career Actor / Screenwriter Created & Wrote Gringo; Chipo Changu; Cobra; The Woodcutter Facts Won NAM awards for Gringo, Cobra, The Woodcutter Started Writing Gringo only as newspaper cartoon series   Enock Chihombori is...


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