Roy & Royce

The Urban Groove Duo

Roy and Royce

The popular duo who are the pioneers of Urban Grooves music in Zimbabwe with hit song Handirege that topped the charts in local radio stations in 2002, Roy and Royce Gomo who besides good looks they have the love of music in common. The twins started singing and writing songs at a tender age while in Primary school in grade four. The Twins attended Gokomere High School from form 1 to 4 where they took music lessons as part of the school curriculum. It is there that they were taught some of the basics and would take part in school competitions. This sharpened their skills that saw them record songs using one of the Old International radios. 

After high school Roy went on to A-Level at Chaplin High School while Royce went to Fletcher High School both in Gweru. Roy joined the National university of Science and Technology (NUST) where he graduated with a Science degree in Computers. Royce studied at the University Of Zimbabwe (UZ) where he graduated with a Science Degree in medical Laboratory. The duo formed their first group called ROMIRO a combination of their names and that of their friend Misheck Chikaka who was studying Medical Laboratory Sciences with Royce. The group was short lived as the latter decided to pursue medicine after he graduated.

After graduation the duo was somewhat unlucky in the music industry as many studios turned them down but they remained resilient which later paid off when they met Alexio Kawara who introduced hem to Delani Makhalima of Galaxy Entertainment who agreed to sign them on to his label. They recorded their first album Gogogoi in 2002 which carried 12 tracks including the hits “Handirege”, “Ndomurasirei Jesu”, “Ndochema” and “Muroora wamai”. A year later they recorded their second offering Tenda under their own Twin Peaks Record Label. The ten track album was even more successful than the first with hit songs like Ndiyambuke, Ndazvipira and the title track taking the lead in becoming popular. 

As producers they did a compilation album of young artistes that they sponsored through their Record label Twin Peaks. They debuted Knox Guni (Enock Guni) with the song Iwe Maria, they helped him in writing the song. They also produced two albums “Paita Nyaya” and Nyarara Zvako for Tambudzayi in 2003 and 2005 respectively.

Roy is based in South Africa, he is into the information technology industry and Royce is still in Zimbabwe in the medical profession and he is an entrepreneur and they both are family men.


  • Gogogoi 2002
  • Tenda 2003
  • Ndimi 2005



  • Handirege 2002
  • Zuva rangu 2002
  • Zvoita kunge 2015
  • Hukama 2017


Produced for:

  • 2004 New Discoveries-( various Artists compilation) include Knox Guni’s first ever recording
  • 2004 Paita Nyaya – Tambudzayi
  • 2005 Nyarara zvako- Tambudzayi

By Elizabeth D.T Taderera