Monte Binga


By Elizabeth D.T. Taderera

Located in the Chimanimani Mountains on the border between Zimbabwe and Mozambique, Monte Binga is the second highest mountain in Zimbabwe. It stands at 2440m (8004 ft.) above sea level. It is made up of hard pale grey Precambrian quartzite giving it a desolate rocky appearance. Climbing the mountain takes about half the day, the best path is marked with cairns from the southeast and then eastward up from the Bundi valley. There are no well-marked trails from Binga to the east so one must make their way being careful of the steep ravines that lead eastward.

The top of the mountain appears to have a dome like shape and it is bleak and rocky and has shallow peaty soil. You will find tussocky grass and moss between the hard rocks. There is a scenic view of Mozambique plain and it is possible to see the Indian Ocean with a telescope on a clear day. The Mountain is far from any settlements.