Located close to the international border with Botswana in the extreme southwest of Zimbabwe, Brunapeg is an urban center in Mangwe District. It is 107 Km southeast of Plumtree and 170km southwest of Bulawayo. It is about 967m above sea level. It is the home of St Annes Roman Catholic Mission which owns and operates the mission hospital and a primary school. The mission was established in 1954. There is a nursing school run by the mission that graduates about 25 nurses every year.

The vegetation of the area supports the growth of Gonimbrasia belina worms popularly known as Macimbi or Mahonja. The worms are dark grey and black in color and grow up to 2-3 inches in length, feeding on Mopane tree leaves although the diet is not restricted to that tree. These worms are distributed throughout Zimbabwe and exported to Botswana as well.

The people of the area of Kalanga descent and there are a large number of Ndebele speaking people with the Shona in lower numbers. Due to its proximity to Botswana there are also Motswana people who live in the area.